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  Anhui RZN Bearing Co。Ltd is located at the foot of Tianzhu mountain which is the national 5A Scenic Area - Qianshan Economic Development Zone in Anhui province。 It was established in the end of 2012 and Dongguan Huaxin bearing spent ¥70 million on it。 The product of registered trademark is "RZN"。

  The company covers an area of 17 thousand and 300 square meters, and the area of structure is 12 thousand square meters。It has 30 Mini bearing production lines now。 It also has won 8 items of utility model patents, 3 new high-tech products in the province, and the title of new high-tech enterprises and specialized small and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui province。 The bearing is dedicated to research and development,manufacture and market of low noise precision micro bearings with inner diameter of 1-15MM。 The products are mainly providing professional support for the motor, UAV, heat dissipation fan in the field of artificial intelligence, the garden tools, medical instruments, household appliances, electric and pneumatic tools manufacturers。 Practicing over the years has made it different from the general factories。 We has been emphasizing the total solution。Our engineering technology team could have a deep understanding of the actual needs of the end users for the bearing quality, and produce the satisfying bearings for our customers with the most reasonable designs。

  All the employees of the company will take the management concept of "fine grind to catch up with the head goose, pious virtue and willing to be young cattle" and the quality policy of "strict requirements for every process, so as to guarantee the quality of finished products". We will continual to provide high quality and efficient products and services wholeheartedly.

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