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Three features of the process of rolling bearings

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  Production characteristics of rolling bearings, determine its process has the following three characteristics:

  1 specialization

  Bearing parts processing, the extensive use of bearing special equipment. Processing uses such as ball ball machine, grinding machines and other equipment. Specialized features are also reflected in the bearing parts of the production, such as professional production of steel ball ball company, specializing in the production of miniature bearings miniature bearings factory.

  2 automation

  Bearing production of specialized automation provides the conditions for its production. Extensive use in the production of automatic, semi-automatic dedicated and non-dedicated machines and automatic production line and gradually expand the applications. Such as heat treatment automatic lines and automatic assembly lines.

  3 advanced

  Since the requirements of large-scale batch production of the bearing, so that the use of the advanced machine, tooling and process possible。 Such as CNC machine tools, three-jaw chuck and floating protective atmosphere heat treatment。

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