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Implementation of the "machine substitutions"

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  Bearing manufacturing industry is a traditional industry in Jiashan County, which has a high degree of labor-intensive small and medium enterprises and more features, this feature also decided it in the current situation, the implementation of the "machine substitutions" urgency. Recently, Jiashan County organized bearing industry "machine substitutions" Seminar, the overall implementation of technological innovation to promote the bearing industry.

  The Seminar was held in Zhejiang SF Oilless Bearing Co。, Ltd。。 As a leading enterprise in the county bearing industry in recent years, Flying company invested nearly 30 million yuan every year for the "machine substitutions" in the workshop, some women are operating CNC drilling machines, the companies do not introduce such automation equipment before drilling must be done manually by male employees。

  On Seminar, chairman Zhou cited Flying spring bearing to the participants of more than a dozen people in charge introduced his "machine substitutions" experience. He said that enterprises must become bigger and stronger to achieve large-scale production, and to increase the volume must be "machine substitutions' efforts.

  In addition to the exchange of experiences "machine substitutions" of the enterprise, will also recently established "machine substitutions" industry experts recommend to the Steering Group on behalf of the county bearing the enterprise, on the "machine substitutions," where change from the relevant program development after purchasing what equipment the highest price, where to purchase equipment, Which companies can provide "machine substitutions" experience a range of issues such as the exchange。

  It is understood that the "machine substitutions" industry experts to guide the establishment of the first group of Jiashan County is divided into two "Wood Furniture" and "equipment manufacturing" industry, 16 experts from Jiaxing University, Jiaxing, Shanghai Jiaotong University Science Park (Jiaxing ) Ltd., Yangtze River Delta, Southwest branch Institute of Automation, Chinese productivity Research Center in Taiwan area Services Department, Taiwan Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tanaka Seiki Co., Ltd. and other research agencies or well-known companies, with expertise in the relevant fields unique advantages.

  Last year, Jiashan County, more and more enterprises will be the introduction of automated production equipment production, the county's implementation of the "machine substitutions" Project 162, a total investment of 4.131 billion yuan, achieve downsizing 7173 people, on county business regulation labor productivity increased by about 10 percentage points.

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